KJA Offshore Consultants specialise in supplying quality skilled client representatives to oversee offshore renewable energy projects from foundation installation, carrying through to the HV cable installations and WTG components. 

Our client reps are highly trained and Highly skilled technicians who can competently oversee all types of projects, from Installations of offshore power cables, all Wind-farm construction phases, through to the laying of Submarine Fibre optic cables on the sea bed. KJA Offshore Consultants have more than 35 years experience in working on Offshore projects, some of the most recent being shown here on our website. 
Some of our most recent projects include the overseeing of a wind-farm situated in the North Sea, this includes overseeing everything from the installation of the foundation into the sea bed, then the placement of the tower and installation of the nacelle and rotor along with its hub and of course the attachment of the blades. We aim to secure a team of professional personnel in the build up to the project start date, to manage the personnel movements, and ensure all personnel requirements can be met in good time and avoid the last minute rush. 


Cable laying machine for Submerine cable laying in deep see power feeds.



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